Vapour Degreaser Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaner

We are manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Single - Multistage Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser . Clients can avail these Vapour Degreaser Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaner from us, as per their specified requirements. Also, these Vapour Degreaser Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaner are at highly affordable prices

Vapour Degreaser Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaner

NEW TECH ULTRASONICS Vapour Degreasing System enhances cleaning speed and effectiveness where high degree of cleaning is required. These systems save energy, labor, floor space, consumables and hence most cost effective. How does it work? The components are first cleaned in pre-cleaning chamber for removal of gross contaminates, followed by vigorous ultrasonic agitation. Then the components are held in vapour chamber for vapour condensation to remove the residual contamination. As the components reach the vapour temperature the condensation stops and components come out clean and dry. For efficient solvent recovery, water is circulated in the condensing coils. The system comprises of two, three or four chambers depending upon the level of contamination and degree of cleaning required. Units are also available with direct refrigeration cooling systems, distillation plants, filtration plants and fume extraction systems.

Vapour Degreaser Multistage ultrasonic cleaners


  • Save Energy
  • Cost effective
  • High quality

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