Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner

We are manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner. Clients can avail these Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner from us, as per their specified requirements. Also, theseMulti Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner are at highly affordable prices

Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner

NEW TECH ULTRASONICS Multi chamber ultrasonic cleaners are environmentally benign, technically feasible alternative to solvent cleaning. The medium used for cleaning is predominantly water compounded with Alkali, Surfactants, Water conditioners, Corrosion inhibitors, Foam stabilizers etc. Aqueous ultrasonic cleaners in many cases have replaced solvents without sacrificing cleaning performance. However due to the nature of solvent used, successful implementation of aqueous ultrasonic cleaning system require a careful design effort necessitated due to the multistage operations involved like While solvent based cleaning primarily rely on chemical properties of the solvent, whereas aqueous ultrasonic cleaning system rely on the mechanical properties like high-pressure spray, Ultrasonic agitation, dunking, etc. apart from the chemical properties of the aqueous medium.

Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaner


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